How to Make a Crystal Suncatcher – Step 4

How to Make a Crystal Suncatcher - Step 4

 How to Make a Crystal Suncatcher - Step 4

In order to hang your suncatcher in the window you will need to create a hanging loop.

To create the loop, slide the remaining crimp over the end of the wire until it is just above the crystal strand.   I find that a loop of about 3cm works perfectly as a rule, so gently fold the top of the hanging wire back onto itself creating a loop of about that size.

Next slide the crimp back up the wire to the bottom of the loop and then, using your pliers, gently squeeze the crimp so that it joins the two strands of wire.

To test the crimps have been secured correctly, gently hold the feature crystal with one hand and the loop of the hanging wire in the other hand. Now VERY gently pull the design as if you were trying to pull it apart.  All being well, you won’t have a problem, but if the wires come apart simply replace the crimp with a new one.  It is not unusual for it to take quite a few attempts before you are able to attach the crimp securely, so don’t lose heart!

Your suncatcher should now have a secure loop at the top of the hanging wire from which is can be hung.

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